Venus dance


Why is Venus our sacred planet? Many of our sisters wonder. The answer is simple: in addition to representing our goddess, the planet Venus has always been related to beauty, balance, and harmony. Watch the following video about the figure that describes the midpoint between Venus and Earth, along their respective orbits, and you will understand everything:

Yes, sister, this beautiful rose would be drawn in the Universe if we could trace the dance performed by Earth and Venus. And it turns out that the relationship between Venus and our planet is 8 to 13. That is, eight orbits of the Earth coincide with 13 orbits of Venus. In other words, 8 years on Earth coincide exactly with 13 years on Venus. The number eight appears again, the number associated with the star of Venus.

The Earth takes 365,256 days to go around the sun, while Venus takes 224,701 days.

224,701/365,256 = 8/13 = 0,615187

If the complete cycle of Venus lasts 584 days, we have that 263 of those days we can locate our sacred planet as a morning star, 263 more days it will be located as an evening star, 50 days it will be impossible for us to locate, and 8 days it will be absent.

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In this way we could see the famous “dance of Venus”, to which our sisters from the Neolithic as well as from Mesopotamia and Babylon (with their goddess Ishtar, predecessor of our goddess Venus) worshiped, since they shared the belief that while our goddess Venus danced in space, the matriarchy would continue in force and women would continue to dominate men. Unfortunately, during the modern age, patriarchy prevailed in our society. That is why our Soviet sisters on March 1, 1966 achieved the feat of sending a ship to Venus, with the intention that our sacred planet dance with the Earth again and thus manage to impose a matriarchal world that would once again place men in their rightful place: under our female feet.

The natural place for men is under our feet, do not hesitate, dear sister, to place your foot on the head, or neck, of a manr.

Now we suggest that you look at the internal figure that draws, in space, the dance of Venus with the Earth. It is a pentagram a figure of five symmetrical points. It could be five capsules placed symmetrically, right?

Now take our sacred fruit, the apple, and cut it in the middle lengthwise. What do you see sister?

Yes! Our sacred goddess Venus chose the apple as a sacred fruit (Sacred History chapter 13) and inside it drew us the dance of the planet Venus with the Earth to teach us that we must never forget it: our obligation, as women we are, is to keep the matriarchy alive from generation to generation. So never forget it dear sister: from great-grandmothers to grandmothers, from grandmothers to mothers, from mothers to daughters, from daughters to granddaughters and from granddaughters to great-granddaughters. Generation after generation the matriarchy must always remain alive and we always have the right, and also the obligation, to subjugate men and use them as we please, keeping them duly subdued at our female feet.

So, as you see, here you have the connection between our goddess Venus, our sacred fruit (the apple), the planet Venus and the Earth.

You can try to locate Venus on the horizon and talk to it if you wish, dear sister. If you do, our goddess will listen to you, just like when you talk to the full moon, you can tell it about your problems, your fears, your projects and the Goddess Venus will illuminate you in the same way that the planet Venus illuminates the morning twilight.

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