At the request of many of our sisters, we have thought it convenient to make a table of mental and physical exercises for women who have come to our republic from patriarchal areas. The aim is none other than to ensure that these women gain self-confidence and better integration into our gynecocratic and matriarchal society.


As you all know, women who have the misfortune of being born into the patriarchy are taught, from a very young age, not to value themselves and to be insecure so that they grow up self-conscious and overcome by shyness and lack of self-esteem and thus achieve a complete control of man over woman. Let’s not forget that the only goal of patriarchy is for women to be controlled by men in the easiest way possible. These exercises are also open to all the sisters born in our matriarchal republic, not only to women educated in the patriarchy, since it never hurts to continue affirming and consolidating our self-esteem.

In the following pages you will find several exercises proposed to overcome the traumas imposed by the patriarchy simply for being born a woman. But first we want to introduce you to the importance of acquiring certain habits that will help you gain self-confidence and strength to conquer your full feminine potential. Specifically, they are about four essential basic habits in the life of any woman and that here, at The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, we teach our girls from a very young age: look in the mirror frequently, laugh often, establish healthy relationships with others women and play sports. These four concepts are basic to achieve the feminine fullness that every woman deserves.

a) The mirror is our friend. Women from patriarchal societies tend to hate mirrors. I know it’s hard to believe from the point of view of a sister raised in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, but it is this way. We love mirrors because they reflect our image as free and powerful ladies, but women raised in patriarchy tend not to love their image because they are taught that the female body is the origin of sin. Concepts such as “sin” are common in the education of patriarchal societies in order to frighten their members, especially women. These types of concepts, which do not exist in our matriarchal society, are created to control, intimidate and frighten minds. Because of ideas and concepts like this, psychological, self-esteem, physical and even nutritional problems appear such as: bulimia, anorexia, phobias, addictions, and so on.

If you are a woman raised in a patriarchal society, you will have seen how the vast majority of our sisters show their bodies in public, whenever they want, without any blush or shyness, and always with a happy smile on their lips. It is the result of living in a matriarchy in which men remain subjugated and completely annulled, but it is also the result of spending years looking at ourselves in the mirror, of having acquired the habit of loving ourselves, of loving our body since childhood, just as it is, just as it was given to us by our goddess Venus.

The first thing you must do is learn to love mirrors, learn to love yourself and you will leave all the problems of the petty patriarchal society. Every time you look in the mirror you should think that life is born in that female body in which you live and, therefore, the entire universe begins and ends in it. Do it with a good light that illuminates you well because you are going to discover things. To begin with, play with your body in front of the mirror: flex your hips, your joints, caress your skin with your hands, travel with your fingers over your breasts, abdomen, hips, discover new shapes and folds that they were unknown to you until now. Accept the pleasant sensations and emotions generated by the sight of your naked body and stimulate your mind by imagining the beautiful feminine geography that inhabits it: “This fold of flesh is a mountain range”, “This extension of hair is a tropical jungle”, “This depression is a beautiful valley between mountains”, and so on. You have to think that at that moment there is only your female body, which is sacred in itself and our goddess Venus gave it to you as a wonderful gift that you should appreciate. If you despise your body, you will be offending our goddess Venus (by not appreciating her gift) as well as despising yourself since you are your own body. So, far from judging yourself, you must appreciate your sacred body: appreciate that skin, appreciate that hair, appreciate those divine wrinkles, appreciate those freckles, appreciate that mole, appreciate those breasts, appreciate that pubes, belly, navel, thighs, hips… Your whole body is divine, dear sister, your whole body is sacred. The mirror is your ally, it is your companion and it does not stop giving you gifts, it gives you your female body so that you adore it, so that you adore yourself.

With a smaller hand mirror, you will be able to see your vulva. Unless you want to appreciate it in detail and see it in all its splendor, we recommend that you do not wax or shave your vulva, as each of our hairs is sacred. Hair is the natural protection of our skin, therefore it must be respected, you may have already noticed that the sisters, born and educated in our republic, do not usually wax or shave, unless they do so with a clear functionality: that of increase sexual pleasure. We know that patriarchal society has instilled in you a simplistic image of feminine beauty in which a woman should have little hair on her body (or none at all) except on her head where the more hair you have the better. As you have seen, our sisters see this ideal of beauty as something ridiculous and derisory. We are beautiful by ourselves and we do not need to modify our sacred body.

Some girls from patriarchal societies hate mirrors since they see a distorted image of their female bodies.

b) Sport is our ally. To achieve full realization, it is essential to practice sport, since sport is health and well-being. The practice of sports balances your mind, your body and your emotions, coordinating them to make you a happy and healthy woman.

c) Laughter sweetens our lives. We cannot live without laughing, and this is how the sisters of “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” understand it. We must laugh often, at everything and freely. It is important to learn to laugh at ourselves. We know that in patriarchal societies it is frowned upon to laugh, especially in women, which is why it is customary to cover your mouth with your hand when someone laughs, and even ask for forgiveness, as if laughing were something offensive. As you have seen, dear woman raised in the patriarchy, here we sisters laugh with our mouths wide open and we laugh freely, just as we feel like in each moment and situation. We understand that behind a sister who laughs freely there is a healthy woman. While the priority in patriarchal societies is money and the economy, in our matriarchal republic, the absolute priority is the physical, emotional and mental health and well-being of all our sisters, especially our girls.

A lot of women from patriarchal societies usually cover their laughter with their hands.

d) Healthy relationships with our sisters make us powerful. That is why it is essential to relate to other women and trust them. Dear sisters from “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic”, you must be patient with women who come from patriarchal areas because they are not used to our kind of understanding of relationships between women. You will have observed, dear woman raised in the patriarchy, the harmony and complicity that exists between our sisters, everywhere you can see groups of sisters laughing, hugging, shaking hands, it doesn’t matter if they love each other, or not, it doesn’t matter if they know each other, or not, no matter their age, their culture, their race, their skin or their physical peculiarities. From a very young age, we learn to love ourselves, we learn that we cannot fully realize ourselves as women if we do not love our sisters, if we do not dedicate ourselves to them. Dear woman educated in patriarchy, you will have noticed that many times the first person singular and plural are confused with each other. Many times the sisters say “We” referring to “I” or vice-versa, they say “I” meaning “We”. This is the way of understanding life here, in our matriarchal republic, of understanding that a single woman is worth nothing without the complicity of all of us. This is the key to matriarchy. You will get used to it with time and practice, dear girl raised in the patriarchy. In the same way that the first person singular and plural are confused, something similar also happens with possessive pronouns, the first person singular and plural are also often confused. Many sisters say “mine” when referring to “our” and vice-versa. “Why is this happening?” you would ask yourself. The answer is simple: while in the patriarchal society objects are loved and people are used, we love our sisters and use objects and things (including men, of course). This is the main difference that is also reflected in the language and the way we express ourselves, as you have seen.

Previous concepts:


The mirror is our great friend. Why? you will wonder, simply because it tells you the truth, it shows you as you are. Don’t you think that friendship consists of that, in always telling the truth? Look at your image in the mirror often, dear sister, at least three times a day and love what you see. Love your image because your image is you, and you are a woman, like all of us: divine, sacred, special and almighty. Seeing your own image is a gift that you should know how to take advantage of. Every inch of skin, every hair, every nail, every wrinkle is perfect in itself. It is important that the mirror is completely flat, neither concave nor convex, so that it gives you an exact image of your sacred figure. You must have two mirrors, a full-length one so that you can appreciate yourself from head to toe in your complete divinity, and a smaller hand mirror that will allow you to see specific and precise areas of your female body: face, navel, ass, thighs, breasts. , vulva, hips, feet, and so on.


It is scientifically proven that sport releases endorphins and improves our well-being and our health, which is why in “The Universal Gynecocratic Republic” the practice of sport is reserved for women and girls. Men, on the other hand, already play sports indirectly every time they obey our orders, every time they carry out their corresponding domestic tasks or every time we ride them on horseback. If you already practiced sport in the patriarchal country where you come from, we encourage you to continue practicing it here. If you were not in the habit of doing sports, many patriarchal societies do not accept that women do sports, we invite you to start doing it. As you know, there is a great variety of physical activities that you can develop to your choice: swimming, jogging, athletics, soccer, rugby, baseball, cycling, trekking, basketball, handball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, water polo, boxing, judo, karate, table tennis, ballet, dance, yoga and so on.


Laughing is a properly human quality, animals (men included) do not laugh and, in fact, they get scared when we laugh, because they see how we show our teeth and we make a very strange sound for them. Laughter makes us human, laughter makes us free, laughter makes us strong and therefore powerful. You will have noticed that our sisters, the women born and educated in our matriarchal republic, laugh freely and often, no matter the place or the occasion. While in patriarchal societies laughter is considered a childish characteristic and even disrespectful towards others, we women have a deeply rooted culture of laughter and we take it almost to the limit. Our sisters laugh fearlessly and naturally until they get tired of laughing. You will have verified that they are not complexed by it. Try it sister. Why not? It’s easy if you try, dear sister. You just have to try it and let yourself go.


As you have seen, darling, in our matriarchal republic, women have a special complicity that does not exist in the patriarchal society. Feminine trust is very common because we have been taught since childhood that we are beings of a semi-divine nature and that we have to collaborate and understand each other. We are taught in schools and in the privacy of our homes that none of us is a complete woman until we share our feelings and emotions with other women. While in patriarchal societies, you were taught to compete among women to get the attention of men, we are educated to understand each other among women to perpetuate the continued subjugation of men against the omnipresent female power. We are taught educates to perpetuate matriarchy and guarantee its continuity in future generations of free women. From grandmothers to mothers and from mothers to daughters.

Weighing machines and tape measures are used by the patriarchy to demoralize women and attack their feminine self-esteem.

Finally, point out that in your house you should not have weighing machines or tape measures, these things should only be in the doctor’s sister’s office. You are a woman, therefore your body is sacred, being sacred it is ridiculous to put numbers on it, it is ridiculous to weigh or measure it. If you have this type of utensils at home, they should be for measuring and weighing things, such as: suitcases, clothes, food, all kinds of objects, men or other types of animals, fabrics for design, craft materials, and so on. If you think you have no intention of measuring or weighing anything, and you believe that they can be a threat to your process of feminine self-esteem, it is better that you take these things to the hospital or to the consultation of any doctor sister so that they can put them to good use.

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