Jack and the beanstalk


Once upon a time there was a woman who lived with her teenage son on her farm near the mountain.

The lady’s teeanager son was very fanciful and naive as the most of his age boys. The woman was poor and she only had a cow. One day the lady told her son:

– “Take that cow and bring it to the market to sell it, so we will have money to buy food. And please, do not get distracted by the way.”

And the little boy answered:

– “Yes mommy, I will do what you tell me”.

The mother said good bye to her soon waiting that he would come back with a good money for the cow. The boy met a lady on the way who approached him and claimed to be a witch.

-“Where are you taking that cow, young boy?” The unknown woman asked.

-“I am taking it to the market, dear lady. My mother told me to sell it because we need money.” Jack answered.

-“I am interested in the cow, young boy. Let’s make a deal: I am giving you some magic beans and you will give me that cow in return” The unknown lady said by taking off some beans and showing them to Jack.

-“Are those magic beans, dear lady?” Jack asked with a curious face’s expression.

-“Not yet, young boy. Wait for a while, please.” The woman answered.

Then the unknown lady lifted her tunic showing her genitals and approached her hand to her crotch. She rubbed the beans on her naked vulva while she said a series of sentences in a strange language that Jack did not understand. Finally the lady offered the beans to Jack:

-“Here you have, young boy, I recommend you to take them because these magic beans will give great wealth to your mother and you.” The lady said with a wide smile in her face.

Jack was surprised and after a moment’s hesitation he took off his hat so that the lady could put the “magic beans” inside it.

-“Well done, young boy. You will not regret it”. The unknown lady said by leaving the beans inside the Jack’s hat.

Sure to make a really good deal, Jack gave the cow to the woman and came back home with the “magic beans” in his hat. He was really happy since he was totally sure that his mother was would be happy to see the good deal he made.

-“You are back so soon, Jack. Have you sold the cow already?” His mother asked once Jack arrived home.

-“No, mommy, I have changed the cow for these magic beans. An unknown woman gave them to me in exchange for the cow, she told me they are magic and they will make us rich. I think she was a witch because she cast a spell the beans right in front of me. Sure these beans will bring us wealth and abundance” Jack said with a wide smile in his face and showing the beans inside his hat.

Jack’s mother was totally out of mind, she was furious and very angry with her son, after scolding him loudly she threw the beans out the window.

-“These beans are useless at all and that woman has teased you, silly boy. Go to bed to sleep now without dinner.” Jack’s mother said in rage.

Jack went to the bed in tears, he was angry with himself. During the night he could not sleep from hunger because he had not dinner. So in the middle of the night Jack looked out the window and saw how, in the garden, right where the beans had fallen a huge plant had grown and how a vine, that seemed endless, rose towards the sky. Amazed by what he saw, Jack began to climb the vine, curiosity to know what was at the end of the plant made him keep climbing higher and higher. After a long time climbing the huge plant Jack saw a huge castle and approached it. The boy entered the castle through a window and saw a room in which everything was huge, without a doubt gigantic people must live in that place. Suddenly he heard a noise, turned around and saw a huge hand grab him. It was a giantess lady. She asked him:

-“Who are you, boy?”

-“Please do not harm me, ma’am. I have found this castle and I was curios to know about who is living here”. Jack answered trembling in fear.

-“I am not going to harm you, little boy. My husband and me are living here, he is not here right now and it’s lucky because he eats young boys like you.” Said the giantess woman when the Jack’s stomach rumbled suddenly.

-“I have come here climbing that vine outside, lady, and I am really hungry, ma’am. Please could you serve me some food?” Jack asked touching his belly.

-“I am going to serve you good food boy, but after eating I want you make me a favor”. The giantess lady said kindly.

The woman left Jack on the table and served him some food. While the boy was eating, the huge woman lifted her skirt in front of him.

-“My husband has broken all the mirrors we had, he does not want I could see my vulva. So I am not seeing my genitals from a long time ago. Please little boy, look at them and describe how my vulva is to me, I need to hear how it does like since I can’t see it.

Jack looked the huge vulva in front of him and he began to describe what he saw:

-“Your vulva, kind lady, is long, fleshy and of a soft pink tone, it is a very beautiful color. It is similar to the pink muzzle of cow calves at birth. The upper hair falls on the side vulva’s lips as if it were the roof of a house. The inner lips fold into each other and looks like a rosebud when it starts to open in spring, the dew droplets make the pink color of the flesh even brighter. It is a beautiful image, ma’am…”

Jack stopped talking a loud noise came from the castle’s door.

-“It is my husband!” The giantess woman said putting her skirt back on to cover her vulva. “Keep totally still and in silence, little boy” she told to Jack while she left the boy inside her skirt’s pocket.

Jack was totally still and silent while he heard everything.

-“Dear wife, I want you prepare some food for me, I am hungry after working in the field. I’m so hungry that I even feel like I smell a child around here” The giant said with his deep and loud voice.

-“It is your mind, darling, keep eating, I am going away for a while to to pick up the clothes that I hung out this morning.” The giantess said nicely, and Jack heard like the woman kissed her husband.

The woman went away and opened a shed from which she took out a golden harp. Then she took Jack out of her skirt pocket and said:

-“You can go back your home now, this harp is made of gold, my husband no longer uses it and he will not miss it, so you can keep it then, it is for you. Please come back tomorrow an hour before the time you arrived today. This way you will have time to follow telling me about my vulva and I’ll give you something even more valuable than this harp.” Said the giantess to Jack, and left him on the vine to come down his home.

-“Yes, you cutely lady, I will be here tomorrow at the time you wish” Jack said.

The boy started to climb down to his home and as soon as he arrived his house he told everything to his mother and gave her the gold harp.

-“I am very sorry, Jack, I should not have been angry or scold you last night. This gold harp is really valuable and sure we could sell it for a good price.” Jack’s mother said.

-“I love you mummy!” Jack said and they hugged each other.

-“I feel pity for that woman.” Jack’s mother said. “So I will give you my personal mirror, but if she if a giantess lady sure she will need more ones. I will ask for mirrors to all my friends, Jack”

-“No, mummy, you like to see your vulva in your personal mirror every day and I know it makes you very happy”. Jack said with sadness.

-“Do not worry about it, my little boy, it is just a mirror and I can buy a new one or borrow from someone, but that lady is totally alone with her husband, so we have to be in solidarity with her.” Jack’s mother said.

So the next day Jack started to climb the vine an hour earlier and he carried with him a backpack with several mirrors. His mother said goodbye to him:

-“Take care of yourself Jack, my son, and I’ll wait for you impatiently, here.” The lady said.

Jack arrived to the end of the vine and, this time, the giantess lady was waiting for him. She took Jack in her hands and carried him to the castle.

-“Are you ready to talk me about my vulva again, dear little boy?” The huge woman asked Jack.

-“I have something better for you, nice lady. I have several mirrors inside this bag, you must stick them with resin on a table and you will have a mirror to see your vulva by yourself”. Jack said with a smile in his face.

The huge lady’s face lit up at once. Jack took the mirrors out of the backpack and gave them to her. Immediately the giantess brought a bottle of resin and a board and began to glue the different mirrors until she got a mirror appropriate for the size of her vulva. Once she finished, the huge lady lifted her skirt and, trembling with emotion, she looked at her vulva in the mirror. As soon as the huge woman could see her vulva in the mirror she started crying in happiness:

-“Oh my goddess! It is beautiful!” She said, in tears, looking the image of her vulva in the mirror.

-“I am glad you are happy ma’am” Jack said smiling.

The woman got up, put on her skirt and left the castle to return after a while with a hen on her huge hands.

-“This hen is for you, Jack, it is very special because it lays solid gold eggs.” The woman said giving the hen to Jack.

-“Thanks very much ma’am” Jack answered putting the chicken inside the empty backpack in which he brought the mirrors.

The huge lady came back to take the mirror and she lifted her skirt again to follow looking at her wonderful vulva. At that moment the deep voice of the giant was heard:

-“Darling I am coming home earlier, today” The husband said.

To door was opened and the giant saw his wife looking her vulva’s image on the mirror and Jack putting the hen inside the backpack.

-“Stop looking at your disgusting pussy, you bitch, and catch that thief brat who wants to steal my hen that lays the gold eggs.” The giant shouted in anger.

-“The boy is not a thief, I have given him that hen, and he is not a “brat” in fact he is a thousand times more man than you, stupid macho man!” The lady said angrily.

Jack ran fast out of the castle with his hen which started laying golden eggs in his backpack. The boy hurried towards the vine to climb it down with more and more weight in the backpack due to the eggs of gold that the hen laid. The giant began to chase him enraged but his wife put down the mirror, got up and tripped him so he couldn’t catch Jack. The giant husband fell to the ground, immediately got up but she tripped him again and again. Finally the giant husband could leave the castle and closed the door to prevent his wife from knocking him down again. Jack was going down the vine as fast as he could wearing the hen and a lot of gold eggs inside his backpack. Finally the boy could arrived home but the giant man chased after him enraged, so Jack took an ax and began to cut the vine so that the giant would not catch him. Finally he cut it off completely and the giant fell into the void, striking himself and dying.


Jack hands all the gold eggs to his mother and told her: “I’m sorry that you were without your personal mirror with which you looked at your vulva, dear mummy.” His mother kissed him in his forehead and said Jack: “It is fine, my son: I’ve already seen my vulva countless times, now that mirror will do a better service to other women who need to be aware of the enormous power that lives in their female crotch.” At that moment Jack understood that sometimes a simple mirror has more value than the greatest treasure of the world.

-“You have learned the lesson Jack, my dear son, you saw how a real man works for women to be happy and he adore female’s body, the whole female body. Moreover he worships women as goddesses they are, even if they sometimes make misteakes, like me when I got angry with you when you came back home with that magic beans. The real man is happy in front of female sorority and women’s solidarity. The real man wants that women be happy, the real man wants that women love their female bodies.

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