Attention sisters: L71014H is a young citizen born in our reproductive farms who, due to our carelessness, was able to escape from our gynecocratic republic to take refuge in a patriarchal area, where it was welcomed, they taught it to speak, beyond the few words that it learned in our country, and was interrogated by the patriarchal authorities in order to find out how is life for men in our beloved republic. Luckily our spy sisters working in the patriarchal area to obtain information have agreed to the statements of this male and, after verifying that this citizen has not provided information that could compromise the security of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, we have thought it appropriate to publish, such as if it were a personal diary. The document faithfully tells what life is like (especially that of men) in our beloved matriarchal republic, and is based on the data that the male L71014H has given about how its life was since it was born, from the womb of a mare, in one of our rural reproductive centers. We recommend your careful and meticulous reading, dear sisters, in this way we will be able to better understand the way of thinking of our males who are forced to do all the domestic tasks on a daily basis, whom we often ride like horses, whom we abuse freely and without complexes and which we even use to satisfy our sexual desire and our wildest fantasies. Let us draw important conclusions about improving aspects such as security and control over our men, both equine and domestic.

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Diary of L71014H

My name is L71014H, it is the name that they gave me when I was born a few years ago in a reproduction farm of The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, in that country, my country, all men are assigned a code from the moment we are born and that is ours unique identity for the rest of our lives, men identify ourselves with that code while women identify themselves by the name and surname they inherit from their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Furthermore, in our country all women and girls treat each other as “sisters”, no matter what relationship they may have, every time a woman addresses another (no matter how old she is) she calls her “sister”. On the other hand, we men must treat women as “ladies” no matter how old they are, when we address them we must use that term “lady”. As I know according what they told me my mother is a mare. In The Universal Gynecocratic Republic all men are born either to a mare or to a cow in calvings in which between three and six male babies are born, I have attended many of these calvings during my childhood and adolescence and it was beautiful, seeing three, four or five children appear from inside a cow is an experience that I recommend to all people. Our sacred goddess Venus arranged it this way from the beginning of time: women will give birth to other women while mares and cows will give birth to men for the use, amusement and enjoyment of women. Due to our semi-animal nature, the Goddess Venus assigned us to be born to one of these two animals, and I had to be born to a mare from which, from what I was told, I was breastfed for almost two years.

I was educated in the same breeding farm where I was born, there were more children, like me, and it was men who taught us to walk, run, work and above all, above all, they taught us to obey gender superior, to obey women. They told us, and frequently repeated, that men have hands to serve women (work in the fields, domestic chores, various tasks …) legs to transport them wherever they want as half-equine, half-human beings (pulling carts, being mounted on two or four legs) and finally tongue to please them. At that time I did not understand the meaning of this last part, the tongue, if men barely speak and practically only listen to female orders and obey them, why is the male tongue so important for women? some time later I understood what he meant and learned to use my tongue at the disposal of female pleasure.

In our country we adore female genitalia, for us vulvas are something sacred, a symbol to adore and respect. In fact, women and girls often look at their vulva in the mirror and proudly show it in public as a show of power. It is not strange to see in public places how women greet each other by showing their vulvas and how men kneel down and bow our heads every time we see a woman showing her genitals. And it is that for us, men and boys, women are sacred and their vulvas symbolize absolute power.

They, the women and girls, did not live in the stables as we, men and boys lived, sleeping on the straw, but they did so in the farm house and every day they came to the stable to monitor the evolution of the tasks on their rural farm. For women it is very important to control their properties and everything that was on the farm (boys and men included) was owned by the ladies who lived in the house. A fundamental value that they taught me was the rule of “hear, see and keep quiet”, so that I heard what I heard, saw what I saw and suffered what I suffered, I had to keep quiet and keep it inside me with a smile on my lips. This rule: “to hear, see and be silent with a smile on your lips”, it has being very useful to me all along my life, in addition it is considered essential for any male child, man or boy who wants to survive in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. I remember how every time the women came to the stable (whether they were the owners of the farm or any other lady) all the men and boys had to kneel down, bow their heads and be quiet, we had to be in complete silence unless one of them interrogate us. I was always fascinated by the richness of language and the wide vocabulary that women had when I heard them speak to each other. We boys and men used a few words to accomplish the tasks and labors of the farm, but the women communicated with each other with many words and types of phrases that I could not understand. I suppose that it is logical, since our goddess Venus endowed women with an infinitely more sophisticated mind than ours. It is clear, and sure, that women have a superior brain to that of men and other animals.

Since we are born, male children are segregated by what women call “our pregnant origin”. In other words, male children born from cows, above all, learn to take care of the farm and other animals, while children born from mares, in addition to having to perform these tasks, as you can imagine, are also taught to to be ridden by girls and women, to fulfill the “equine function” that is to say to be horses for our female owners and other ladies. Beyond these two functions, all boys and men are taught, as a priority, to carry out all domestic and household chores. In this way I was learning to be ridden by women and to bear the weight of the body of the ladies, or girls, on my shoulders and loins without hardly complaining and with a wide smile on my lips, as women like. The owners of the farm were two ladies who were always showing love and affection, frequently kissing each other on the lips. I don’t know what that could mean, or what it should feel like, because in our matriarchal republic love is reserved for women and girls. We, boys and men, cannot love, we are not allowed to feel love because our only aspiration in life is to worship, obey and serve the ladies, our queens. But the fact that we are not allowed to love does not mean that we cannot achieve happiness, because there is no greater happiness for a man than to faithfully comply with all the orders, commands and instructions of women.

The two ladies, owners of the farm, had a daughter who was born when I was about four years old. I remember that when the baby cried a lot, the ladies used to use me to calm her down. They ordered me to get on all fours and, of course, I responded by obeying and with a wide smile, then the ladies would mount the baby on my back and I ran on all fours while she imitated a horse whinny. The girl immediately stopped crying to start laughing, and with her laugh the ladies smiled with happiness and, of course, they kissed each other tenderly. And that’s how my first experiences as a human horse were, at four years old, on all fours and being ridden by a one-year-old red-haired girl named Wendy.

I also remember how, when I was six years old, they took me home to teach me about housework: fulfilling the principle of due obedience that men have towards women. I was learning each and every one of the housework that a worthy man must learn in order to honor its female owner, its goddess: dusting the furniture, washing the curtains, cleaning the window panes, sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms, removing lime stains from the toilet, the bidet and the sink, mowing the lawn in the garden or removing the dry leaves, serving and clearing the table, washing the dishes… I was also lucky enough to learn to perform more personal tasks towards my goddesses, such as washing their clothes, polishing their boots, etc … They also taught me how to make beds, something to which I had to dedicate a lot of effort because, beyond my natural male inferiority, I had never seen a bed. Men sleep in stables on straw bales, but women, from birth, sleep in beds, which apparently are much more comfortable than straw bales. I have never slept in a bed because in our matriarchal republic we men had forbidden to sit on a bed and much less lie down despite the fact that we had the obligation to make them and change the sheets and pillows by washing them daily. Here, in patriarchal society, I have had the possibility of sleeping in a bed, but I have not accepted it, beds are for women, like computers, radios, televisions or telephones. We, men, must sleep on straw or on the ground as a last resort.

In The Universal Gynecocratic Republic it is very usual for women to have a “welcoming servant” at home, the role of this kind of servant is to polish and shine the footwear of the ladies who visit the home. When a woman visits one of her sisters, the “welcoming servant” receives her at the door and (always in a submissive attitude) collects her coat, hat and boots to put on her domestic slippers. In this way, while the female guest is at home, the servant will brush her hat and coat in addition to polishing her boots so that, when the visit is over and the lady leaves the house, she will do it with clean and shiny boots as well as wearing a bright and clean hat and coat. It is the way for women to welcome a female visit, the way to welcome in a right way one or more sisters.

I learned housework so well that the ladies, my owners, took me as a “welcome servant” as well as personally taking charge of doing the housework. Despite spending a lot of time at my owners’ house, every night I had to go back to sleep in the stable with the other boys and men, because the ladies considered it essential that men always keep in mind what our right place is as males that we are.

And that is how I spent all my childhood and adolescence, in the home of my owners doing housework, acting as a “welcome slave” every time my ladies had visitors. Beyond domestic work, the daughter of my mistresses, Wendy, liked to use me as a pet, and as a horse too, by ridding me, on two legs or four, depending on the occasion. Some days Wendy rode me, made me run until I was exhausted while she cheerfully shouted to the wind “free, I am free.” When I heard it, I smiled with happiness, noticing how a girl on my back was happy and free while she rode me really fast.

Wendy liked to show me off in front of her friends and acquaintances to arouse their envy, among them was Rachel, a girl the same age as Wendy who began to feel jealous of her. Rachel asked Wendy to be able to ride me and ride me whenever she wanted, but the daughter of my owners flatly refused and that caused a kind of resentment in Lady Rachel that I was able to notice in her feminine gaze, in her attitude and in her voice tone.

The girls come of age on their 16th birthday in our republic, women celebrate it in style with a magnificent party, full of luxuries and beautiful rituals, which lasts a whole day with the night included. The ladies do not skimp on expenses and details to celebrate it, since it is one of the most important days of the lives of women, as it symbolizes the passage to adulthood of the girl, from that age the woman can already own slaves and trade with them. We, men, also celebrate a small ritual when we turn 16 years old, taking as reference the birth registration of men and other animals that farms have, our male ritual is much more discreet and modest than the one celebrated by women and it is divided in two parts: the first part consists simply of shaving your male face (for the first time in your life) and is done in front of the men who have educated you who, when you finish shaving, dedicate you a monumental ovation in the form of applause.The second part of the ritual consists of presenting yourself in front of your owner, or owners, (your goddesses) so that for the first time in your life they put your penis in a cage to which you will have to get used to because it will accompany you intermittently but continuously for the rest of your male life. The penis cage symbolizes the woman’s absolute control over the man, while shaving represents the woman’s right to enjoy the man’s tongue, enjoying it freely, since (all the ladies agree) a good shave increases the pleasure of cunnilingus or analingus. In fact in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic masculinity is based on these two symbols: a good shave and a good penis cage. In our matriarchal republic a real man is always shaved and wearing its corresponding chastity belt, unless the ladies decide to use it as a stud on one of the breeding farms or agree to momentarily release the penis for mere female entertainment or amusement.

I will never forget my ritual of 16th birthday, the sensation of the shaving foam invading my face and the razor blade caressing the skin of my cheeks, chin, neck. Several men came to the stable with a mirror, brush, soap and razor and I shaved in front of them, I had already seen how they had shaved countless times and I was looking forward to the arrival of this day, because it represents adulthood of the man, from then on the boy must carry a penis cage and it can already be used by women for cunnilingus. I had seen hundreds of times as adult men shave and I knew perfectly the movements and stages of shaving. Shaving is something every kid at The Universal Gynecocratic Republic dreams of. I will never forget the applause of the men when I finished and the pride and joy I felt when noticing my face completely free of facial hair. But much more exciting than the shaving part was the moment when I showed up in front of my ladies completely naked so they could proceed to put on the chastity belt right on my penis. One of my female owners (in front of several ladies who were witnessing the scene) approached with the chastity cage, took my flaccid penis, smeared it with oil, inserted it in the device and closed the padlock by hanging the key around her neck. After that she caressed my cheeks and looked at the other women saying:

-“This male has turned 16 and appears in front of us perfectly shaved. So it is ready to be used, traded and marketed by us women, therefore I take full possession of it as a product originating from my farm.”

Then another very elegant lady filled out a paper, signed it, sealed it and handed it to my owner. From that moment on I was a complete slave at the service of my ladies and of our matriarchal republic, since my owners could now freely use, and for their own benefit and pleasure, the three parts of my male body: legs, hands and, from then on, the tongue too.

Money, in our gynecocratic republic, is used by women, only women, they buy and sell. We, men, do not have permission to use it, nor would we know what to do with it. When they sent me to buy something they gave me a leather bag that they tied around my neck, I gave that bag to the saleswoman and she herself would take what she needed and put the bag back around my neck.

My life changed when I turned 16, my two female owners could sell me from that moment, lend me or use me as they saw fit, but Lady Wendy, their daughter, insisted that they not lend me because she wanted to possess me when she reached her majority, her 16th birthday, because in our country girls cannot own slaves when they are minors. Therefore my female owners did not sell me and they kept my tongue virgin for four years, reserving it for their daughter, Wendy, until she was 16 years of age, and she could freely possess me. But from what I could gather, Lady Rachel pressured her mother, Lady Julia, to buy me before that. Lady Rachel turned 16 only 42 days after Wendy’s birthday. So Lady Rachel got her mother (Lady Julia), being a very influential and wealthy lady, financially pressurize my two female owners to appropriate me only a few days before Lady Wendy turned 16 years old. In this way she would reserve me for her daughter, so that Lady Rachel would possess me when she turned 16.

One night one of my owners came to the barn, woke me up and made me go home. I found that attitude strange, it was not normal that so late, in the middle of the night, they took me home. She made me get on all fours in front of her and, showing me her naked vulva, ordered me to start licking it. I was happy, I was finally going to worship a vulva and finally I was going to give pleasure to a woman. But suddenly my other owner screamed:

-Stop Please! No Karen, we cannot deflower this slave’s tongue now after four years of reserving it for our daughter.

-Come on Mary, if we don’t do it, tomorrow Sister Julia will do it without problems because she is going to possess this slave. Before she does it, I’d rather we do it ourselves.

-No Karen, if Sister Julia deflowers this male’s tongue, our daughter will hate her, but if you and I do it, Wendy will hate us, her mothers. What do you prefer?

-You are right Mary. It would be horrible if our daughter hated us for deflowering this slave’s tongue.

At that moment my owner, Lady Karen, ordered me to go back to my stable but I hid behind some curtains to listen and try to understand what was happening. I perfectly remember the conversation between my two owners, at night, while Lady Wendy was sleeping they pronounced my code several times L71014H and the words “cancel” and “economic credit”, I don’t know why I became the property of Lady Julia but I suspect that it was related to the conversation that night. At one point in the conversation, I came out from behind the curtains and left the house to go back to my stable without my ladies noticing.

The next day Lady Julia came home and sat on the sofa in the living room with my two owners. I remember how, while I was performing my duties as a domestic slave brushing Lady Julia’s elegant coat and polishing her boots, the three ladies were talking in the living room, I saw how at a specific moment one of them took out a document from the drawer and the three signed it. Then they got up and Lady Julia came over to me.

-Bring me my coat, hat and boots, we are leaving here, you are mine now, I have just acquired you as a slave and from now on you will obey my orders.

Lady Julia told me, then I helped her put on her coat and hat and put on her boots. Immediately afterwards we left Lady Wendy’s house, first my new owner, Lady Julia, came out with her eyes straight ahead and I came out behind her with my head bowed and my gaze down, at her feet, as is usual in our matriarchal republic. When a woman is nearby, we must lower our head looking at the ground, on the other hand, when she is our owner, or owners, those who are nearby we have the obligation to lower our heads and look at her feet. In this way I was walking behind my new owner, Lady Julia, looking at her feet, those elegant boots that I had polished a short time before. I was walking behind my mistress, heading towards her house and focusing all my attention on the way she walked and moved her feet. The men who educated me taught me that you can know an owner by the way she walks. Until that moment I only knew the way of walking of my former owners, the ladies Mary and Karen and their daughter, Lady Wendy who, I guess, she must have been very upset when she came home and did not find me, I suppose she would argue with their mothers, I don’t know.

Finally we arrived at Lady Julia’s house and her daughter, Lady Rachel, she was waiting for us, and she jumped with joy when she saw me enter her house. My new owner smiled and said to her daughter:

-Well Rachel, this will be your gift for your 16th birthday that we will celebrate in a few days, I hope you value it because it has taken me a lot of effort to get it.

-Thank you very much mom! Could I use its tongue right now?

-No, Rachel, even though this male is 20 years old and owned by me, you have not yet reached the age of majority and therefore cannot legally possess it yet. If I would let you use its tongue for your pleasure, we would be violating the laws of our matriarchal republic. Let’s do one thing: even if I can use its tongue for my pleasure, I won’t, I’ll wait a few days for you to come of age and then you can calmly use it as you think fit. How about Rachel?

-I think it’s great, mom, we’ll both premiere it together!

So it was that a few days later in the celebration of Lady Rachel’s 16th birthday I was handed over to her. The ceremony was beautiful and all the ladies of the region attended, all except Lady Wendy. The night after the celebration, Lady Julia and her daughter, Lady Rachel, ordered me to do a cunnilingus for both of them, I did my best so that my new owner first, and her mother later, enjoyed the most and I think that they did it. Out of prudence, I began by kissing and caressing the vulva of Lady Rachel, my legal owner, very gently, first with my tense lips I was tenderly kissing the labia majora of my owner’s vulva, to then slide my wet tongue into her vulva, caressing her labia minora with it and making her slide skillfully towards the clitoris, towards the hood of the clitoris rather, with alternating movements, up and down again and again, while my lips performed a gentle suction on her entire genital area, waiting for a completely relax from my owner, waiting for her hips and thighs stop being tense to reach a state of total relaxation. At one point she (Lady Rachel) placed both of her hands on my crown, pressing my head hard against her vulva. In our matriarchal culture only your legal owner can touch your head with her hands. When you lick the vulva of a woman who is not your owner, she is prohibited from putting her hand on your head, only your owner (or owners) can put her hand on your head while you do a cunnilingus to her. I remember the feeling I had when I noticed the hand of my new owner on my crown, that lady completely possessed me. Men are taught that any woman can use our body freely, without any limitation except our head, we should not allow a woman who is not our owner to touch our head, the face yes but the head not. Only our legal owner can touch our head with her hand. During the cunnilingus my tongue caressed each and every one of the nooks and crannies of their vulvas, both my owner’s (Lady Rachel) and her mother’s, it slid gently and repeatedly between her labia minora, around her clitoris, in and out of their wet vaginas repeatedly. From time to time I raised my gaze to my lady’s face to see the satisfaction on her face, but it was impossible because of the thick mass of pubic hair that covered her mons pubis. Normally in our country women do not shave, especially pubic hair, they let it grow freely without limit. Sometimes I think that our holy goddess endowed women with pubic hair to protect such fine and delicate skin but above all to protect women from the prying eyes of men while they enjoy cunnilingus. It is clear that the vast majority of ladies do not like to be observed by men while enjoying sexual pleasure, therefore, considering the endemic stupidity of the male mind, our goddess Venus decided to create a generous accumulation of fat rising above of the clitoris to protect it and finished off her excellent work with a thick layer of hair to safeguard female privacy from prying male gazes during the act of cunnilingus, a right for women and a sacred obligation for men. In addition to not being able to see the faces of our ladies, usually we cannot hear their orgasm either, because when we do cunnilingus women always press their thighs tightly against our head, completely covering our ears. My ladies enjoyed my cunnilingus again and again until they fell asleep, it was then that I retired to my stable with a sharp pain in my tongue, especially in the frenulum, pain partially mitigated by the pleasant taste of the divine feminine flows in the palate, and it is that for the first time in my life I was able to savor the sacred intimate flow of women.

Among the men of my country there is a legend that says that when a woman enjoys a good cunnilingus in the light of the full moon, she goes into a trance, in a divine ecstasy, because the full moon symbolizes the call of the sacred Goddess Venus to her daughters, women. When a woman reaches orgasm in the light of the full moon, her feminine spirit becomes fluid like water and her superior mind begins an astral journey in which she can see everything, absolutely everything, because the sacred goddess takes her soul by the hand of the woman to make her fly to the ends of the universe. On full moon nights, men must perform a ritual of worship to our sacred goddess, while women meet each other and do another type of ritual of worship to the goddess Venus. Ladies can witness our male ritual of worshiping the full moon without any problem, they can even interrupt it if they wish. On the other hand, we men are strictly forbidden (under death penalty) to witness the female ritual of worshiping the full moon and the goddess Venus. Never, ever, a man (from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic) has been able to witness this female ritual, nor he has even seen a woman rejoice under the light of the full moon. I suspect that from that secrecy, and from the male imagination, this legend of female astral travel appears, but obviously it is only a legend, nothing else.

The days passed and my owner got used to riding me as a two-legged human equine, she liked to walk on my shoulders, ride me and show off in front of her friends, especially in front of Lady Wendy, who responded silently but with a clear expression of anger on her face.

Both, my owner and her mother, often continued to use my tongue for their pleasure, furthermore Lady Rachel would ride me using me as a horse and her mother, Lady Julia, made me do all the housework without exception. Of course, I always had to wear my corresponding chastity belt both inside and outside the house. In addition, I was obliged to do housework wearing only a light white gauze robe that covered up to the middle of my thighs. Lady Julia often slapped me on the ass when she passed near me while I was doing housework, to which I responded with a wide smile in my face, just like a real man from our matriarchal republic should do.

One morning, while Lady Rachel was in high school, I was on all fours scrubbing the living room floor when suddenly I noticed how Lady Julia gently lifted my light tunic from behind, I immediately turned my head and indeed there she was, bent over on my ass and sliding her index finger first over the area between my caged male genitalia and my anus to finally stop there (in my anus) and stay for a while stroking it with the tips of her index and middle fingers.

-Don’t look at me, I have not given you permission to do it, so keep cleaning the floor as it is your duty, slave.

I complied with Lady Julia’s order immediately and continued scrubbing the floor even harder to hide the fear I felt. Suddenly I noticed how one of her fingers penetrated my anus with relative ease, rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise alternately. Curiously, I did not feel the touch of her skin entering my anus but rather that of the rubber band. I deduce that Lady Julia, the mother of my young owner, put on a latex glove to penetrate me with her finger, it was as if a huge live soft rubber worm was fighting decisively to open my ass and dilate it to the maximum. After noticing, for several minutes, Lady Julia’s finger entering and leaving my ass, in and out with no rest, making the hole bigger, dilating it with impunity, she finally took it out of me and gave me a loud slap on my naked and helpless buttocks.

-Keep scrubbing the floor, slave, and don’t move from here.

After a couple of minutes or so, I heard her come back in and she was close to my butt again. She once again raised me, from behind, the fine tunic that I was wearing leaving my bare anus completely at the mercy of her.

-Olive oil has multiple functions.

Lady Julia said as she smeared my anus with an oily substance. Despite having a masculine mind, and therefore inferior, I immediately deduced what was going to happen, so I took several deep breaths trying to relax both, my sphincter and all the muscles that surround my anus, to the maximum. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my fragile orifice, as if my ass was going to explode and I felt like Lady Julia grabbed my hips with her hands and, immediately afterwards, give a push with her waist making her pubis crash against my buttocks and provoking me a pain so intense I felt like I was going to pass out. As expected, I was unable to scream and simply responded with a wide smile on my lips, just as I had been taught to respond every time a lady abused me. Quickly, to avoid fainting, I focused all my attention on the noise of the brush on the floor, on my wide smile and on the pain I felt on my tongue due to the enormous frequency with which my owner and her mother told me to do the cunnilingus. My intention was to stay awake and not pass out from the excruciating pain I was feeling. Despite all my efforts, I could not help shedding several tears of pain for a time that seemed eternal. Lady Julia was penetrating me for a very long time, destroying my ass, until then a virgin ass, I guess she did it with a huge hard rubber cock fastened to her hip with tight leather straps. Finally I noticed how she dropped onto my back and how a series of various jerks tensed her female body four or five times while her breathing became more and more agitated. I gather that it was then that my owner’s mother reached the climax, as Lady Julia collapsed onto my back and remained completely relaxed on my back body, keeping her huge rubber penis inside me (inserted into my male guts) for several seconds. Then she began to nibble my left ear whispering some words that I will never forget:

-I know that in the stable they taught you that men must obey women and that a boy must have its hands ready to serve us, its legs to carry us and its tongue to please us. In this house, in addition, you should also have your ass always clean, presentable, shaved and ready for me to fuck it whenever I feel like it.

-Yes, ma’am, I will.

I responded her by giving a wide smile to my owner’s mother. I would have liked to give her a clean and clear smile, without tears of pain on my masculine face, but unfortunately it was not possible.

And that’s how I lost my anal virginity a while after losing my tongue’s virginity. Over time I learned to control pain better and managed not to cry every time Lady Julia broke my ass with her huge rubber cock. My owner, Lady Rachel, did not know that her mother assfucked me regularly, of course I never mentioned it to her, because a real man must follow the golden rule: “to hear, see and shut up with a smile on its male lips.”

Months passed and I continued doing all the household chores, also performing my function of “welcome servant”, being ridden, as a horse, by my owner, Lady Rachel, and being periodically assfucked by her mother, Lady Julia. Luckily, at night, I went to sleep in the stable, of course, and there I could rest during the whole night. And it was in the stable while I was trying to sleep that one night I heard a noise outside, I looked between fearful and curious when I felt like out, in the middle of nowhere, a rope appeared pressing my neck and pulling me out. I was about to scream when her face appeared in front of me, crowned by that lush red hair, it was Lady Wendy and, with her index finger on my lips, she indicated to me to be quiet and be silent. She took me out of the stable, mounted me on two legs, as long ago when I was owned by her mothers, then she rode me to the beach in the middle of the night. Once on the beach she undressed and bathed in the sea water while she had left me tied to a tree. Once she came out of the water she came to untie me, then she lay down on the sand facing the moon (which was in a crescent quarter) and spread her legs showing her pubis, covered with a thick layer of reddish hair, towards the bright moon. Lady Wendy stared at me and slowly she slid her fingers between her labia majora caressing her sacred vulva while she looked at me and the moon alternately. Lady Wendy’s face expressed more and more pleasure and, suddenly, she ordered me to approach her and lick her vulva. As a man born and raised in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic I could not refuse and carried out her order instantly. I knelt in front of her and began to lick her redhaired vulva with passion, just as I have been taught. At last I noticed in my mouth the essence of Lady Wendy, her sacred female flow mixed with the salty taste of seawater invaded my mouth while my tongue slid along the length and breadth of Lady Wendy’s vulva, that characteristic smell was getting me drunk. And then it happened what I never expected to happen: Lady Wendy placed both her hands on my crown and pressed my head against her vulva with all her force. Immediately I got a chill of fear, Lady Wendy was violating the laws from our matriarchal republic, because she was not legally my owner, but Lady Rachel, so I was obliged to remove her hands from my head, but I did not do it. I was not able to do it, after so many years being subdued by Lady Wendy I was unable to stand up to her and remove her feminine hands from my head, the feminine hands that, at that moment, were usurping private property. I just kept licking her vulva until she reached a deep orgasm. Only the moon, and therefore our holy goddess Venus, who shone high in the sky, witnessed this momentary usurpation of Lady Rachel’s private property.

From that moment on, the nocturnal kidnappings of Lady Wendy increased more and more, starting with one or two a week until four or five a week, so that I could no longer even rest at night in the stable. The exhaustion began to appear in my performance and Lady Rachel began to notice that my effort was decreasing when she was riding me as a horse, she also discovered the small marks that the nibbles of her mother, Lady Julia, left on my ears every time she nibbled on them after assfucking me. So Lady Rachel began to suspect that something was happening during the time she was in high school and I was under the supervision of her mother…

One day my owner told her mother that she was going to the house of a friend of hers to study all afternoon and she left the house. Lady Julia ordered me to do the housework, as usual, and after a while she appeared with her huge rubber cock firmly strapped to her crotch and the small bottle of olive oil in her hand, also as usual, to begin with the assfuck. Not even three minutes had passed since Lady Julia started to destroy my ass when the door opened and Lady Rachel walked in, catching her mother “red-handed.”–Now I understand why my horse does not have the energy it had before and its performance is decreasing every time I ride it. You’re destroying its ass so it can’t run like it should. This slave is legally mine, mom, don’t forget it.

Lady Julia immediately stopped assfucking me, she pulled away from me, and tried to comfort her daughter.

-Sorry darling, but seeing its buttocks wiggling when it scrubs the floor has turned me on a lot and I couldn’t help but buy this strap-on to bugger it. Come my love, put it on and try assfucking it too, you will see how you enjoy it.

Lady Rachel was speechless, the tension between mother and daughter was in the air. Suddenly Lady Rachel burst into tears and locked herself in her room, Lady Julia knocked on the door’s room.

-Honey, open the door please, we can talk and discuss any topic, I am your mother.

I continued doing my housework, pretending that I did not hear anything, and I continued scrubbing the floor as it was my duty at that time.

About two hours passed when Lady Rachel opened the door for her mother. So they were talking for about two more hours when the two ladies came out of my owner’s room, laughing among themselves and apparently happy, they were in peace undoubtedly. During all that time I had continued scrubbing the floor, as it was my duty, which was already completely clean and shiny from one side to the other side of the house, my knees were shattered, but that’s the least of it. I saw how mother and daughter came towards me and how this time it was Lady Rachel, my owner, the one who was wearing, well adjusted to her hips with straps, the strap-on with the huge rubber cock.

-Keep scrubbing the floor, faithful slave, this time it will be my daughter who is going to destroy your ass, in this way she will be convinced that assfucking does not decrease your performance, but on the contrary increases it because the pain makes you feel more attentive and the blows of our pubis against your buttocks serve as a massage to relax and strengthen them.

I was still on all fours when Lady Rachel came behind me and her mother, Lady Julia, wedged my head between her thighs, squeezing my neck tightly to make me completely immobile, then she spread my buttocks with her hands to facilitate her daughter’s access to my anus, to make it easier for Lady Rachel to assfuck me freely.

– It is all yours, Rachel, fuck its ass with energy and without fear, remember that men were born to suffer and we, women, were born to enjoy and feel pleasure, never forget it, my dear daughter.

Lady Rachel began to assfuck me, first slowly but then the speed and energy increased more and more, I could barely move my body, not even breathe as I had my neck and head caught tightly by the generous thighs of Lady Julia. Finally Lady Rachel reached a deep orgasm, I could not hear it because my ears were covered by the thighs of my owner’s mother, but I noticed how intense spasms of pleasure shook her young female body, in addition to feel how her hands squeezed with extreme force my buttocks. Then I noticed how little by little Lady Rachel was taking the giant rubber dildo out of me, leaving a huge hole behind her, leaving my ass completely stretched and destroyed. By completely removing that monster from my interior there was no longer a border between my guts and the outside world and I felt how the air entered my belly without any opposition. Lady Rachel, without a doubt, had abused my fragile anus in an even more intense and wild way of what her mother, Lady Julia, had done until then, possibly Lady Rachel was upset because her mother had hidden from her that she had secretly abused my ass. Finally Lady Julia loosened her thighs releasing my neck and head and then I could hear her applauding her daughter.

-Bravo darling, I’m proud of you. You have literally destroyed this male’s ass. I would not have been able to do better.

Despite the deep dizziness I felt, I don’t know if because of the intense pain or the shortness of breath caused by the pressure of my owner’s mother’s thighs on my neck, I managed to stand up and give a wide smile to Lady Rachel and to her mother too. This time I did not shed a tear, and as a real man, I managed to control my pain appropriately.

-Thanks Mom! I really enjoyed it. From now on let me know whenever you want to abuse its anus and we will assfuck this male together, as mother and daughter that we are.

-Great idea Rachel! This will increase the complicity between mother and daughter and it will unite us even more. Please forgive me for abusing it behind your back, I did not have any right to do it. As regards the drop in performance of this male when you ride it on horseback, I am afraid it is a case of vagrancy due to lack of encouragement. But don’t worry because I have the solution.

Lady Julia disappeared going to the closet in her room and after a while she appeared with a stick of punishment for horses.

-Here I have what you need, dear daughter, take it, it is all yours and do not hesitate to use it when you ride this male, in this way you will prevent it from becoming a lazy and weak equine.

-Of course mom, I will.

Then Lady Rachel hit me hard on the buttocks that I could not avoid a sharp groan of pain. The two ladies, mother and daughter, laughed with satisfaction, and I couldn’t help but smile broadly at them. Real men smile at women every time they laugh and are happy, no matter the pain suffered or the type of humiliation received. Men should always smile when a woman expresses happiness and joy.

And that’s how my life came to be on the edge. During the day I did all the housework, in addition to fulfilling my duties as a “welcome servant”, I also pleased with my tongue my two ladies: Rachel and Julia, her mother, giving them long and pleasant cunnilingus, not forgetting the wild assfuckings that I suffered whenever they felt like it. It is not necessary to remember that many nights Lady Wendy kidnapped me from the stable to ride me to the beach where I also had to please her with a good cunnilingus after her bath in the sea. Of course my owner, Lady Rachel, demanded that I fulfill my equine function, riding me on two legs to go where she decided. With so much effort and work, every day I was more and more tired and Lady Rachel noticed it at once, so she hit my back and ass with more and more force every day to punish me. Of course the punishment stick (that Lady Julia had given to her daughter that day) to marked my skin deep and with a total impunity. To all this si I always responded with a wide smile on my mouth, I didn’t care if it was for Mrs. Julia, her daughter (Mrs. Rachel), or for Mrs. Wendy. I always responded with a smile and of course I followed the golden rule: “to hear, see and be silent”.

Until a point of no return came, there came a time when I couldn’t take it anymore: my tongue and lips were always sore and swollen from so much cunnilingus, my legs and thighs were exhausted from being mounted and ridden on horseback, my ass was always wrecked by the wild assfuckings of Lady Rachel and her mother (Lady Julia) and my back and buttocks were always marked by the spankings of Lady Rachel.

So I decided to run away. One night, while Lady Wendy was bathing in the seawater and I was tied to the tree, I thought I saw something floating in the sea, right in the area where the shore ended and the rocks began. A little later, while I was doing cunnilingus to her, I noticed how her hips, thighs and buttocks relaxed to the maximum and I decided to sneakily raise my gaze to her divine feminine face. I did it in a very subtle way and always making sure that my gaze remained semi hidden behind her thick clump of reddish pubic hair. I took advantage of the fact that Lady Wendy stayed in a state halfway between pleasure and sleep to sneak up on the place in question, where I could verify that it was indeed a boat. It was a boat tied to one of the rocks. So every time that Lady Wendy took me to that beach I would look at the boat and I could see how it was always tied to the same rock and with the same type of knot, so I could deduce that no one was using it and so, therefore, that boat was abandoned.

Then I devised an escape plan that I was going to carry out on the next full moon. Lady Wendy was delighted with my cunnilingus and it is that, in addition to trying my best, the experience gained with my legal owner and her mother were making my skills with the tongue, lips and mouth in general develop to the maximum. As I have already said, during the full moon men and women must do specific worship rituals. In our country is said that women go into ecstasy as they seem to come into contact with the divine goddess Venus. Lady Wendy told me that she enjoyed my cunnilingus so much that she was willing to skip the next female ritual of the full moon to enjoy alone with me on that beach (our beach) in front of the Sacred Goddess, the next full moon would be the Saturday , July 24th. So during the day, whenever I was able to escape from the control of my legal owner, Lady Rachel, I kept the leftover bread from the food to store as groceries in a sack that I hid inside the boat, I also got two containers of five liters each to fill them with fresh water and finally a knife with a very sharp blade that I also hid in the boat. At night, when Lady Wendy took me to the beach, I secretly looked towards the boat to see that it was still there with her grocery bag, knife and containers of fresh drinking water hidden in it.

Finally the night of Saturday July 24th arrived, I remember how I was very nervous and excited about the proximity of executing my escape plan. What if something went wrong? What if Lady Wendy did not go into a divine trance, she saw me and swam to the boat to abort my escape? Thousands of ideas crossed my mind. Finally Mrs. Wendy came to the stable to kidnap me and she rode me to the beach, I was happy and worried at the same time: I was finally going to flee from that life and enjoy a future in freedom, but I also doubted if I was doing the right thing, my life was matriarchy, my loved country was The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. So we got to the beach, our beach, Lady Wendy tied me to one of the trees and she undressed to take her sea bath, this time she raised her arms towards the full moon, which shone like never before up in the dark sky, while shouting a few words that I could barely understand, I deduced that she invoked the sacred goddess Venus, Lady Wendy threw seawater with her arms and hands towards the moon splashing the sea surface with energy. Meanwhile I, out of the corner of my eye, looked at the boat that, in a few moments, it was going to take me to freedom if everything went according to plan. Once Lady Wendy came out of the water she untied me and lay down on the sand showing her vulva to the full moon and she signaled me to start cunnilingus. But I noticed how that night Lady Wendy was changed, she had a special sparkle in her beautiful eyes that gave me the sensation of having changed color, and her way of moving and walking was different, with more determination with more confidence in herself. It was as if the person who came out of the sea was another woman and not Lady Wendy, despite my knowing (and being convinced) that it was her. I started with cunnilingus and immediately noticed a strange taste, it was as if the sea water was saltier as usual or the divine flow of Lady Wendy had changed. The fact was that, despite feeling a different flavor, I continued doing cunnilingus with passion and care. I wanted that Lady Wendy to reach one of the most intense orgasms of her life so that after the discharge of pleasure she would fall asleep and thus I would be able to escape. At a specific moment, when Lady Wendy tensed her whole body, something extraordinary happened: I felt how my mouth was filled with an enormous amount of liquid, a fluid from the lady’s vulva, a discharge that I hurriedly swallowed so as not to choke at the danger of it entering my lungs. I was still swallowing her divine flow when suddenly Lady Wendy tensed her entire body, to immediately relax it completely, but the muscle tone was not that of a relaxed body, my hands and cheeks felt as if her thighs and hips had become in water, in liquid. And just at that moment Lady Wendy began to shout phrases in a strange language, a language unknown to me. I was terrified, so much so that I did not dare to open my eyes, I just got up with my eyes closed, tightly held so as not to see anything at all, I turned and ran blindly towards where I calculated the boat to be, I tripped over something, I guess It was a rock, but I got up right away and kept running until I felt my feet hit the water and my legs made their way through the sea. It is not a legend, it is true, the trance of women during the female ritual of the full moon is absolutely real.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and saw the boat in front of me, about thirty meters away, I kept running towards it, in the background I heard Lady Wendy’s unintelligible words, she was still in her trance but I didn’t dare to turn around, I didn’t dare to look at her in fear of any kind of divine punishment. I quickly reached the boat, I took the knife and cut the rope that tied it to the rock, the sea current did the rest while I continued with my gaze fixed on the open sea, on the dark horizon, unable to turn my gaze back, the fact is that I was terrified. Little by little Mrs. Wendy’s screams grew farther and farther until I stopped hearing them. I was in the deep sea and only the will of the sacred Goddess Venus knew what my destiny would be.

After four days adrift, in which I ran out of supplies and fresh water, the sea current carried me to the mainland, specifically to a jetty where some fishermen picked me up, gave me water and something to eat and took me to the local authorities. From what I could find out I had reached the patriarchal zone and those gentlemen asked me many questions about how life was like at The Universal Gynecocratic Republic. Now I regret having taken that boat and having been adrift at the mercy of the current reaching the male patriarchal zone. The first thing that surprised me about the patriarchal world is that there are many men here who do not shave their faces, in fact the same fishermen who picked me up on that jetty had beards. I immediately understood that this society does not take into account the pleasure of women and that is very serious and bad. A society that does not prioritize female well-being and female pleasure is a society doomed to failure. A community that does not consider the happiness of women as something fundamental is a community unable to survive, unable to evolve, unable to develop.

In my country, in my matriarchal republic, a man could not go out on the street if it was poorly shaved or unshaven because women took it as an offense and the most common is that it was slapped or attacked by them. On the other hand, in this disgusting patriarchy, men walk freely with beards, mustaches, goatee or directly without shaving without any kind of blush or shame. Now I see things much clearer: and I would rather die being assfucked by Lady Julia, being ridden by Lady Wendy or by my owner, Lady Rachel, or to die doing cunnilingus to any of these three ladies, than to spend one more day in this disgusting patriarchal society that humiliates women, mistreats them, reduces them to nothing, to gender slavery. Women are goddesses, men are born to serve and obey them. Anything that denies these truths is an attack against nature itself, against our mother Earth, is an attack against the laws of the Universe and against our sacred Goddess Venus.

Patriarchy is a perverse and unnatural system, a system that humiliates women and constantly attacks nature and the environment is destined for complete self-destruction. Now I understand that I myself betrayed my own destiny, every time I see how in this disgusting macho and patriarchal society a woman is humiliated, beaten, assaulted, her genitals mutilated, murdered, raped , she is belittled, pointed out, judged, violent, made to cry, repressed, denied the right to pleasure, annulled and many others bad things I feel like for me it is much worse to bear than any bad experience suffered in The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, even in the hardest moments in which I lived exhausted by the continued abuse of my ladies towards me.

My destiny was to die in my country, to end my life in my matriarchal republic while being mounted on horseback by a lady, being whipped by her or while pleasing her with a cunnilingus. That was my destiny that I have betrayed and now I must pay for that betrayal until the end of my days. In fact, there is no day or night in which I do not curse that abandoned boat on the beach that I found during those nights when I was pleasing Lady Wendy with a deep and complete cunnilingus with which she was ecstatic upon reaching orgasm, female orgasm to which I responded with a wide smile on my lips.

The fact that this male, L71014H, declares that it fervently wishes to return to our beloved republic shows that we know how to treat our men and it means that we are doing things right, dear sisters. If, according to its own testimony, this male escaped from our republic on the night of July 24th and was adrift for four days, it means that it reached the patriarchal zone around July 28th or 29th. We are proud to know that in less than two months it has already regretted the stupidity it did when it fled our country. In any case, I think that we, women, should think and reflect on this testimony to improve and achieve an even more perfect and pleasant country for us females. Each sister should think about conclusions after reading this diary and, of course, she has the duty to learn the lesson if she thinks it is necessary. Our political leaders are already studying this testimony to improve the functioning of our country, to perfect our matriarchy.

Your attention please: Would you like to become a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic and to have free and full access to the whole web?