In the Universal Gynecological Republic, all money is controlled by women: only women can open checking accounts, make banking transactions, invest in businesses, sign mortgages, make or receive economic donations, open or close businesses …

To have free and full access to the whole web you need to be a citizen from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic.

Girls have the money
Only woman is allowed to have and keep money.

The National Bank of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic is the only existing bank in the Republic, it is directed by the government and among its functions is to guard the money of the citizens and to grant loans (0% interest and return in comfortable installments) whenever it deems necessary. Another important function of the Bank is the issue of the Venus, the currency from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic, and the control of its value (deflation or inflation of the Venus as appropriate). The National Bank of the Republic is a totally transparent entity and all women can consult the movements, credits and economic operations without any problem.

Until new order The National Bank has fixed a change between currencies of 2,2 euros for 1 venus.

Symbol of Venus (official currency from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic)

Symbol of the National Bank from The Universal Gynecocratic Republic

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All around the world only women are allowed to manage money.

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When girls turn 16, when the laws of the Universal Gynecocratic Republic say they come of age, they can open a bank account and start managing their own money. In this way the youngest sector of the population feels a participant and protagonist of the economic functioning of their nation.

16 years old is the age when a girl can open an account.

The economy is at the service of the women of the Gynococratic Republic, since there is no accumulation of capital. Only the Bank accumulates to serve its citizens. The surplus of money that accumulates periodically is used to promote plans for the expansion of the gynecological philosophy in the world. For example, to finance, in countries of the five continents, actors related to a gynecocratic cause: political parties, civil associations, media, companies and others.

Men, on the other hand, will be prohibited from accessing money. In fact, they will be treated as objects, as goods to be rented, sold or bought in markets for sale or from private to private. Therefore a man, being considered an object and not subject, can not open a current account, or invest, or buy or sell, or inherit, etc …

Yes, men are rented, bought or sold by women as simple commodities.

There are also auditions of slaves that are regulated, through auction, from the government of the Gynococratic Republic. Of course women and girls can go to buy, or sell, slaves freely, as a simple commodity.

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